Local rules

The Rules Of The Royal & Ancient And USGA Govern All Play

Out of Bounds
Is marked by white posts and the fence surrounding the course.

Ground under Repair
G.U.R. is marked by blue posts. Staked trees are G.U.R. In cases of interference (R 16-1a) the player must take relief under Rule 16-1b.

Roads and Paths
If a ball lies on the paved part of a road or path, the player may take relief under Rule 16-1.

Power Lines
If a ball strikes a power line, the player must disregard that stroke, abandon the ball and play a ball as near as possible to the spot from which the original ball was played in accordance with Rule 14.6.

Tree Basins
Tree basins are an integral part of the golf course. The player must play the ball as it lies or play the ball according tot Rule 19.

Distance-Measuring Devices
For all play at this course, a player may obtain distance informations by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g.elevation changes, wind speed etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 4-3a.

Breach of Local Rules
Match Play loss of hole. Strokeplay 2 penalty strokes.